Monday, January 23, 2012

Bad Dreams

I don't really dream much (or at least, remember my dreams).  But they come in spurts.  For the past two weeks, I've been having terrible dreams each night!

Last night, I dreamed that the ants in the kitchen multiplied and multiplied and ended up attacking me in my bed.  The night before, I dreamed that my boyfriend just dumped me out of no where and then went to get revenge.  The night before that (it was the worst one), I dreamed that my hamster died and that someone gave me an ugly black hamster but it was not my hamster!  I had a couple other dreams about my hamster, also some about work, and my family.

I don't really understand why these dreams have been haunting me for the past couple of weeks.  It is almost scary to go to sleep anymore, I never know what I'm going to dream about anymore.

Sometimes dreams are cool.  Like when they are fun, cool, interesting dreams.  But scary dreams are never fun ... At least not for me ... I hate them!

I don't really understand the human brain.  Why do I get spurts ... Like one or two weeks at a time ... Where I get bad dreams nonstop?  I'm not sure.  I'm just hoping that it stops sometime soon.  I'd like to go back to not dreaming at all.  A peaceful sleep.  Yes please!


  1. Yikes! Those dreams sound awful!

    I usually have bad dreams when I'm stressed. Are you stressed?

    The other night, I had the best dream I can remember in a long time. I was riding bikes with some friends. We passed a group of people playing guitars and singing "Wild Horses." Then, when I began singing the harmony, I started to fly. It felt amazing.

  2. BTW, you just inspired today's question. Thank you! :)

  3. Yay! Glad I inspired your question :)
    Hmm I might have been stressed then. I haven't had dreams anymore, for the past week maybe, so it looks like this time is over.
    That sounds like such a good dream! I want some good dreams :)